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Albert Pike Plan For Three World Wars


Bible Challenge For Catholics - Many links to Christian sites dedicated to exposing the errors of Roman Catholicism.

Chick Publications - Jack Chick’s web site exposing the Vatican, Roman Catholicism and other false religions. Many tracts and books for sale and on-line articles to read.

Cutting Edge - A Christian site with particular reference to the New World Order and current events in America.

European Follies And Myths - A very interesting site that lists news reports about political developments in the EU. Some of these developments appear to be very sinister. The page on GOVERNMENT is a MUST READ!

European Institute of Protestant Studies - Ian Paisley’s excellent Protestant site exposing the true nature and religious and political intentions of Rome.

Former Catholics For Christ - Testimonies and other articles from ex-Catholics who have been saved through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. - Alex Jones investigates the New World Order. Be sure to check out the video clips page.

Jesus Film Project - Proclaiming the Gospel through the Jesus film. The complete Jesus film to watch online. Translated into many different languages.

Jesus Is Lord - Explains the pagan nature of Roman Catholicism

Light Of Life Ministries - Christian site with many links to interesting articles including anti-NWO.

Parascope - Interesting New World Order articles - Excellent Protestant website. Contains some disturbing images of the war in Kosovo.

The Insider - Interesting NWO articles. - Site dedicated to a legal case currently being brought by survivors against the Vatican Bank, the Franciscan Order and others for alleged war crimes in Croatia during World War 2.

Watcher - A conspiracy theory links site with many interesting links.

Worthy News - Many articles about current events and their implications for the end-times.

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